Can we afford not to explore alternative solutions? Of course not. There is little hope in siding with the status quo. We constantly work to identify, analyze and explore the opportunities created by technology moving faster than ever. We spot trends, drive development, and connect relevant experts and stakeholders. We believe that there are hidden opportunities in each and every sector and industry.

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Finding the right home is essential to everyone, but it is not an easy task. Existing search engines are often not helpful, and real estate agents operate individually and only provide access to the properties they represent. Boligjagt provides you with a personalized real estate agent. Using the power of artificial intelligence it will know your needs before you do.


PALETT is our platform for development of content and entertainment tech. We began as a digital platform for the urban music scene but has pivoted into several smaller entities. Since 2019 we have developed more than 20 tv-formats with a variety of artists and 10 tech projects with broadcasters and producers. In 2021 we'll launch our first MVP’s trying to bring AI and other smart solutions to the tv and film industry. Some of the content can be seen on