Reach your audience instantly across all channels. Render provides a marketing automation platform, that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and extend your existing marketing activities and business strategy.

Utilizing advanced data handling and intelligent ad templates, Render optimizes and automates all parts of the ad delivery process – including design, production, proof-reading and distribution – as well as ensuring that your content is always up to date.

With a fully automated process you can create unlimited versions of your message to match the right time, place and audience.

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Render takes prestigious ‘Marketing Automation’ award

Render is developed by MUST for COOP, the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark. The automation platform has helped COOP solve a lot of problems, and the results are pretty overwhelming. The Danish Digital Award underscores their motivation for giving the award: Time-to-market has been reduced to hours instead of months, and savings on production costs are estimated at 1,5 million dollars a year.

Value Proposition

Almost no time-to-market

By automating ad production we make it possible for you to address your audience instantly. Do not allow your designer’s schedule or developer’s hour rate to limit your ambitions or time-to-market. In the new media age you need to react as soon as your organisation identify a need.


Create content to any type of platform. Render CMP automatically generates and distributes display and mobile ads, videos, and newsletters to your marketing platforms – and forwards TVCs, magazine-templates and POS to relevant stakeholders.

Unlimited versioning

With Render there is no costs associated with additional ad generation. This gives you an opportunity to address new segments directly and move from campaign-based activities to always-on. This allows for more flexibility in your media strategy and gain a larger effect with similar media spend.

Extends your current setup

Render is a service based around a modularized Render. We set up creative management platform to match your exact workflow, marketing strategy and existing technical setup. With a modular approach we are able to cut costs, maintain a stable and well-tested setup and still provide you with the optimal solution for your organisation.

Intelligent design

Using advanced logic and machine learning we optimize content and layout to each individual ad. Automatically Render generates and selects visual components, add metadata, optimizes load, adapts layout and timing – all to make sure your audience is presented with professional and relevant ads.

Never gets old

Sync ads with relevant data real-time to ensure your message and content is always consistent and up to date.

Danish Digital Award – Marketing Automation

Coop has five large retail brands and is one of the largest advertisers in Denmark. By automating the ad production of all their activities, Render cut the costs in all parts of the delivery chain while increasing the ad volume, making it possible to run always-on, on all relevant channel