Reach a new audience and become relevant in their lives. Create an audience that is engaged in your brand values. Reach your target groups on an emotional level that ties your values to their everyday lives. Advertising is dead as a platform, but journalism is very much alive. MUST works with storytelling at all levels and produces both audiences and target groups, with relevance as the focal point. We work in the overlap between brand values, products, stories and the people we want to reach. This is where relations take place, where preferences occur and where people commit themselves to a certain brand.


With native advertising and native events, we create credible stories and events, which unfold the brand attributes where the audiences are located. With native TV and articles, we produce journalism that stands out from classic journalism by being stronger and more incisive. Native TV and articles are new products within marketing that cross the gap that has traditionally separated journalism and advertising. This means journalism is created in cooperation with trusted media and subsequently scaled for maximum reach. With native events, we produce festivals, award shows and events that meet the audiences in their everyday lives and their passions.


In order to create relations you need to be relevant. Relevance is the hallmark of journalism. MUST consists of an experienced and independent editorial setup that provides rapidity, relevance and width. We are talking about a paradigm shift in both advertising and journalism. It takes courage for a brand to reach out to real people with real content that creates emotions, opinions and values. However, it becomes easier to establish contact. A relevant, sharp journalistic headline presented by a company results in ten times as many ‘clicks’ as the best banner ad with a good bargain. A relevant event that is based on the needs of the audience rather than being based on a brand’s products can attract and engage people without any knowledge and preferences for the brand. Unlike the advertisement that tries to push its way through to the customer, a relevant story does the exact opposite.


When content is produced and presented in cooperation with trusted media and opinion leaders, it has an effect on how the user experiences the content. If the content is relevant and has a clear and meaningful sender, then the credibility of the native ad equals that of the specific media’s own content. The user spends the same amount of time on a MUST Native ad as an article produced by the media itself. Also, the user spends three times more time on the content than if it was available on the sender’s own website. This is also true of thought leadership pieces published in newspapers, shown on TV or acted out in an event; the organizer of a debate or an event is perceived with the same trust as the attending opinion leader.

Reach and conversion

Reach new audiences and become relevant to them with a consistent content and scaling strategy. Engage specific audiences through your own channels, mainstream media and social media. Decide for yourself whether the content is intended for one or more media – on the front page, back page or together with similar content. Target the views to selected segments, assign retargeting or scale native ads to social media. Content lasts forever and can be used on many platforms – initially to establish an audience and secondly to call to action.